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Posted 10:30 pm, 09/23/2015

aerate with a core type aerator will help your compaction problem. a lot of problems i run into is determining what type of grass does one desire. we live in tranistion zone meaning we can grow both warm season and cool season grasses. they are totally different and reqire totally different maintenance practices. most people associate grass with tall fescue. which is a cool season grass but it suffers tremendously during summer months and one of the biggest reasons i see it suffer besides heat and drought is mowing height. tall fesuce should never be mowed less than 2/1/2 " and that is in ideal conditions. (golf course, sod farm, athletic field) the average person should mow there grass at 3" starting in late may and increase to 3/1/2"--4" by summers end. then usually in sept when day and night temps start droping the mowing height should also be reduced back down. i have also found from experience good grass starts in the soil then in the seed. the best seed i have found that is readily available in Pennington smart seed. It is a exceptional turfgrass seed.. Do not use KY 31 for it is out of date and is ok to use if planting a pasture. but it does not like being mowed frequently nor heat nor drought.


Posted 10:27 pm, 09/02/2015

Sow in september and in a few months when you have a decent stand of grass then do a slow release fertilizer and pellet lime as a winterizer ...then do whatever you like in spring. Always stick with slow release fert or slow release weed n feed and pellet lime which is also slow release. I think both last 3 to 4 months


Posted 10:13 pm, 09/02/2015

Most grass types do not do well under pine trees, as they must cope with heavy shade and highly acidic soils. Tree roots also divert nutrients from smaller grass roots. However, some shade-tolerant grasses can be successfully grown in these conditions given careful maintenance. Removing fallen needles regularly, testing your soil pH and using fertilizers to balance your soil chemistry as needed give your grass a better chance of thriving under these challenging conditions. http://homeguides.sfgate.co...56007.html; Strawberries make a great ground cover near pine trees


Posted 9:58 pm, 09/02/2015

If you're gonna sow grass, September is the best month to do so according to Ed and Steve Little....two very knowledgeable men that used to run littles seed store on cherry st before they passed away


Posted 8:00 pm, 09/02/2015

Crap! I was hoping not to have to do anything to my yard.


Posted 7:57 pm, 09/02/2015

Humans are the only animals that do things to cause them more work! I heard that somewhere and just had to pass it along. Actually you are on the right path, get or do a soil test to see what your lawn needs. If you know you have a lot of weeds try to figure out what they are, weed and feed is pretty expensive for the good stuff. 2-4-d will take care of most of your problems, but not sure what your after. Most turf grass like's a pH level of 6.4 to 6.8 which is slightly acidic and lime would raise these numbers and may be a waste of money. Most soil in Wilkes is acidic to slightly acidic.


Posted 7:41 pm, 09/02/2015

Now that it's almost fall, what should I be doing to my yard to make it better? I have a lot of compacted and dusty spots showing with a lot of pine trees nearby.

Is this the time to spread grass seed, or fertilizer, or lime, or weed and feed?

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