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Glass top electric range


Posted 10:40 am, 05/20/2017

Hi, We would NOT get another glass top. It scratched up within a few weeks despite our following instructions, and was too expensive to change.

All the best,


Posted 1:08 pm, 05/06/2017

Yes, I love mine it is so trouble free. If you have one I think the main thing is to learn to control the heat. You must turn heat to low most of the time and it will cook perfect. If you start it on high stay with it and turn to low after it starts to boil I start many things on med. As with most stoves we don't want a boil over!

this n that

Posted 9:10 pm, 10/29/2016

You're a Hillary supporter, so I'm not surprised at you ignorance or lack of knowledge.

There's been several over the last five yrs, houses leveled, and families wiped out in one case.

Here's some recent ones, and the one last week or two, I'm not sure it was gas, but the house blew up.

Gas leak leads to fiery house explosion in New...


Feb 25, 2015 ... OCEAN COUNTY, NJ -- A gas leak led to a massive house explosion in New Jersey and it was all caught on video. The explosion leveled an ...

New Jersey Gas Explosion Blows House to Pieces...


Feb 24, 2015 ... Fifteen people injured when a house is blown to pieces in Stafford Township, N.J. .

2/25/2015 -- New Jersey house explodes in large...

2/25/2015 -- New Jersey house explodes in large natural gas blast

Police released a dashcam video on Tuesday showing the moment that a huge gas explosion erupted f...

Length: 0:43

Feb 25, 2015 ... A gas line must've broken all the gas leak in the house and somebody ... of the House explosion from a Natural Gas leak in New Jersey Dutch.

Feb 25, 2015 ... Subscribe to GlobalLeaks: http://goo.gl/bY5w6 15 people were injured yesterday after a house in New Jersey exploded due to a gas leak.

Nov 11, 2015 ... The explosion occurred Wednesday morning, killing one person and injuring 15 people at a house in Elizabeth, N.J. Officials from a local utility ...

Jan 12, 2016 ... Two children, two adults were killed by the blast and subsequent fire Monday night in Northfield Center Township, about 15 miles southeast of ...

House explodes from gas leak in Woodbridge | WJLA


House explodes from gas leak in Woodbridge. By ABC7 1454898015000. explosion.PNG. House explodes from gas leak in Woodbridge (photo courtesy of ...

Natural gas leak believed to have caused house...


Aug 22, 2016 ... NORTH LITTLE ROCK (KATV) A natural gas leak is what authorities believe caused a North Little Rock house explosion on Haywood Street, ...

Man In Custody After Bronx House Explosion That...


Sep 27, 2016 ... Man In Custody After Bronx House Explosion That Killed FDNY Battalion Chief ... "We weren't sure what it was another terrorist; gas leak.".

Oct 11, 2016 ... Firefighters are responding to a report of an explosion in Romeoville ... the house was e


Posted 8:28 pm, 10/29/2016

I had a glass top and hated it. I have a gas range currently and the cooking is so superior. They're durable too. My brothers all have induction ranges and all of them and their spouses seem to love them as well
I read someone talking about reading articles about gas ranges blowing up due to broken lines, and so forth. I wish they would provide their sources on this. I find this a little unusual and I've not heard such. Urban legends?

this n that

Posted 6:57 pm, 10/29/2016

I think people who do a lot of wonderful cooking prefer gas. People who think about food, and love to cook like chefs and some of you on GW. I understand that for you, gas is better.

I don't care about food. I only think of food when I start to feel hunger. I only have myself to cook for. I eat well, as in lots of veggies, but plain and simple. I want most of my food to taste like what it is.
I guess that's one reason the glass top stove is just fine for me.

I've seen too many houses blown to bits in the last few years. Just last week one exploded cause of a gas line leak.
Gas lines getting old and need replacing.


Posted 6:50 pm, 10/29/2016

We purchased a glass top range about 5 years ago and we love it ... very easy to clean ( Weiman glass cook top cleaner & polish )

We had a gas range before the glass top ...we prefer the glass top over gas .


Posted 5:33 pm, 10/29/2016

Probably not. We bought a glass top when fitting the appliances for the Maiden house, and I liked it OK. Not fun to clean but alright. We had an old gas on up here when we bought this place and I hated it - I'm not a fan of gas in general. But when it crapped out we got a different gas one at Lowes that was on steep savings due to a cancelled custom order, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. 10X better than an electric in heat and control.

Crooked Hillary

Posted 4:26 pm, 10/28/2016

There's a new Frigidaire range in the classifieds at a bargain. It has the coils and the mechanical controls. The main thing I don't like about glass tops is the digital control that costs about $200 when they go out. And they do go out.



Posted 3:13 pm, 10/28/2016

Thanks, all, for the info.

Crooked Hillary

Posted 10:50 am, 10/28/2016

I would buy another. Just don't break the glass. A glass installed is nearly as much as a cheap range.

Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 10:29 am, 10/28/2016

i have had a glass top in the past i really liked the fact that when not operating, it was almost an extension of the counter top. for cooking purposes though, i think the most desirable is gas on the top and electric oven. electric is just not responsive quickly enough for top cooking

for myself, i got rid of electric and went to gas (propane) the reason i did it was for power failure purpose. propane is a stored energy. everything around me could not be working but that stove will work. it will work for cooking as well as hot water.

i am just not comfortable with my house being totally dependent on one utility


Posted 10:24 am, 10/28/2016

No. Not if i could have gas


Posted 9:58 am, 10/28/2016

in a word...NO!!!

this n that

Posted 8:52 am, 10/28/2016

I've had one for about 8 yrs. Looks like I bought it yesterday. Wouldn't have anything else.l

If you do canning, you're not supposed to use glass top for that, but my neighbor does, and nothing has cracked.


Posted 8:46 am, 10/28/2016

But if you get a scratch or crack the warranty doesn't cover it.


Posted 8:34 am, 10/28/2016

I love glass top. Just so much easier to clean.


Posted 4:52 am, 10/28/2016

I had a glass top electric cooktop in my last house and there was a lot I liked about it. When I got this house I went back to gas. I think I never trusted the electric although it performed admirably. I just missed having personal control.
I use electric for baking still. I trust the baking temp more than I would using fire to bake.


Posted 3:59 am, 10/28/2016

Would those of you who have or have had a glass-top electric range buy another?

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