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Flow restrictor in a shower


Posted 7:36 am, 09/19/2015

When we had a contractor install a new shower a few years ago, the water was so cold it would freeze you to death! I couldn't find the instructions to the shower head so I just looked it up online. A simple little allen wrench and 10 minutes later the pesky little setting inside the shower head itself was fixed.
When in doubt about how to fix something, look it up on the internet!!


Posted 2:50 am, 09/19/2015

LOL, take it out. California is across the country.


Posted 11:31 pm, 09/18/2015

If it has a plastic restrictor disk you might be able to use a small drill bit to bore the holes out. I don't know if it will pass emissions test and it might be a felony to modify your shower head so you better not let any leo's bath in your shower afterwards.


Posted 11:22 pm, 09/18/2015

We had to take the one out of our kitchen faucet because we didn't have any pressure, either. The one we had just unscrewed.


Posted 11:04 pm, 09/18/2015

yep everything is low flow/water saving now.
"I've tried unscrewing it and tried jerking it out, but I'm just tearing it up."...if you've got that far might as well keep trying.you might get lucky and fix it before you totally screw it up.


Posted 10:05 pm, 09/18/2015

I bought an Aquasource handheld shower from Lowes, and the pressure coming through is very, very low. I believe that there's a flow restrictor in it.

Does anyone know how to get it out? There's a blue disc right at the part where the hose screws in, but I've tried unscrewing it and tried jerking it out, but I'm just tearing it up.

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