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Desoldering a copper joint


Posted 11:20 am, 10/30/2016

Pipecutter would make for a nice clean cut,no propane needed!


Posted 8:30 pm, 10/29/2016



Posted 6:12 pm, 10/29/2016

May I ask why you're replacing the section of pipe? I do have some knowledge in this field.


Posted 5:27 pm, 10/29/2016

JC - get the soldering iron shagbag mentions, and a roll of solder wick from Radio Shack (if it still exists). The wick will help pull out an solder that finally melts, and you might get enough out to where you can break the seal between the 2 copper pieces.


Posted 11:43 pm, 10/28/2016


You might be able to use a heavy duty soldering gun like the one above. I have one of these at work I use to solder big electrical lugs "i.e. 1\0 wire & bigger" I have never tried to sweat copper pipe with it but if a soldering gun can do the job this will be the smallest one that might do it. Good luck!!!


Posted 11:05 pm, 10/28/2016

I have to replace a copper pipe in my plumbing, coming right past the gauge that shows my water pressure and before the cut off valve. The new section will be the white PVC with push-to-fit connections.

The section I'm replacing has 3/4" of pipe showing, followed by a larger fitting that's about 2" long, followed by another 3/4" of pipe, and then that goes into an elbow. The section that's 3/4" long is the diameter that fits in the push-to-fit connector, but I need a minimum of 1 1/4" of length.

I'm hoping that if I can desolder the larger fitting from it then there will be enough pipe stuck in there to give me the length I need.

The problem, though, is that I don't have a propane torch, and if I did then I'm not sure I have enough of a clearance in my crawlspace to safely use it, anyway.

Can you guys suggest a way to desolder the joint without using a torch?

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