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Best ant killer


Posted 9:55 am, 09/24/2015

If I may add ...you can also use white vinegar as a repellent...the ants can't smell their pheromones to get back to the colony to deliver food and the ants at home can't follow their trail to the food source.

Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 9:48 am, 09/24/2015

lol WA it can be done ... hahahahahaha

White America

Posted 9:46 am, 09/24/2015

I have used both, both work very well. **** must have frozen over. Two posters who are both correct and posting on the same thread......


Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 9:40 am, 09/24/2015

i have heard of that recipe but never used it. i use the Terro product that kind of works the same way.

i don't know about others but i only have problems with ants under 2 conditions ... when it's very hot,and dry or rains a lot. if it gets really hot, the ants prefer my basement to living outside .. and then try to get into my kitchen. if it rains a lot, their colonies get flooded out and they look for higher ground ... which is the side of my house and my kitchen.

although none of us want ants in our house, i got a warning from cooperative extension several years ago. keep the ants out of your house but don't be over enthusiastic to rid your property of them. when the native ants move out, fire ants move in. ants war for territory.


Posted 9:06 am, 09/24/2015

This ant killer is better than any commercial one I've used: In a half cup of water dissolve one teaspoon of sugar and add one teaspoon of Twenty mule Team Borax. Mix it completely and take a small cotton ball, about the size of a and dip it in the solution, than slightly squeeze it out. Place it in an ant trail and shortly they will be gathered around it and feeding. They will carry some back to the colony, destroying all who eat it. It is safe, in that there are no toxic chemicals in it. However be prudent - don't let babies and pets eat it as you would guard against anything non-edible.

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