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house eaves
can they be made wider

How do I grow a good tomato around here?
What kind grows best and tastes best around here and what is the easiest way to grow the good ones? My luck has not been the best with th...

Looking for Butcher
Looking for a good butcher who does chickens, near the Yadkin-Wilkes line area. I have 8 - 10 roos that I raised and need butchered.

Now that it's almost fall, what should I be doing to my yard to make it better? I have a lot of compacted and dusty spots showing with a ...

Flow restrictor in a shower
I bought an Aquasource handheld shower from Lowes, and the pressure coming through is very, very low. I believe that there's a flow restr...

House Water Pressure
The water pressure in my house is low in some areas, but good in other areas. I'm hoping someone can suggest how I can improve it in thos...

how to keep deer out of garden, without a fence

Used kitchen cabinets
I am looking for some used kitchen cabinets even if they need paint, stain pulls whatever I can redo them please message me and let me kn...

lawn mowers
I am looking for someone who is willing to mow my lawn for a decent price. I live in N wilkesboro NC. my num is 240-566-8103. ask for Ms ...

Odor Removal
I've inherited a bedroom suit that belonged to my parents. It reeks of cigarette smoke and moth balls. Does anybody know a good way to ge...

U-pick Blueberries
We have U-pick blueberries. Located off of 421 West. Call 336-927-5946.

Lawn Service
Lawn Service mowing, irrigation systems repair, fertilizing, weed control, mulch, and pine needle, 25 years of experience free estimates ...

Tritts Lawn Care
Tritts Lawn Care is taking care of all your lawn needs. Call now for services 3364694709

Looking for a young tree that doesn't mind being in a potential wet area. Will dig up if you have extras and don't mind parting with one.

I need 2 pickup loads of dirt. Anyone know where i can get some

Affordable Ways to Keep Your Home Organized
Organization is an important part of owning a home, but at times it is not an easy task. It is common for homeowners to become overwhelme...

Affordable Well Pumps & Service
If anyone could refer me to a business or person from whom to purchase a used, or reasonably priced well pump, I would be very grateful. ...

need some advice
ok there has got to be some DIYers on so let me ask. My toilet bowl slowly drains after flushing Ive checked the vent tube its not blocke...

Yellow Jacket bees
Has anyone noticed they are starting to bore holes in the yard ?, I found a swam around my Grape Myrtles while I was mowing, first saw th...

Decorative squash and gourds
I have grown a lot of decorative squash and I'm needing to know when they should be picked cause lots r good size. However still lots of ...


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