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Wooden floors
I have prefinished wood floors and they have lost their shine. Does anybody know anything that I could use to help bring it back?

Needing a TV repaired
If anyone knows about an local TV shop please let me know Thanks

Privacy Fence Installed
Looking for someone who has experience in building/installing fence. I need a semi privacy fence about 8' tell and about 25 feet long. Th...

had tree fall on building 12x16 damaged roof anyone know a carpenter who may be available

Best tankless water heater ?
Hi, Anyone here using tankless water heaters ? My 2 year old water heater which is a tank model got exhausted recently !! Any suggestions...

Suggest me a good dehumidifier for my home ?
I am planning to buy Frigidaire FAD704DWD. Is this the best dehumidifier of 2016 ? (read a review on it from ConsumerRemarks) Any suggest...

Reading light clip on book
I need a light clip on book. Anyone else use them? Have a favorite to recommend?

Small scratches on car How to fix?
I accidently drove into a bush and sadly got a ton of small scratches on my car :/ does anyone here have any idea on how to fix it cheapl...

Poison Ivy/ Oak
Tell me about your home remedy's for poison Ivy/Oak.

Boring Bees
Anyone else noticed the past few weeks that the boring bees haven't been around? Just curious if they are done with their destruction and...

Garage Doors
I have aluminum Wayne Dalton 9' garage doors, like what they sell at Lowes. They were on the house when I bought it. Over time, my garage...

Planting blueberry bushes
Dear Go Wilkes gardeners. Can you please advise when it is the right time to plant blueberry bushes? I'd love to have some as they are my...

Late Peaches
Is anyone else still getting peaches? Despite the weather this summer, my 15 trees have the largest, best peaches I have ever had.

Cedar Mulch
Anyone know who sells it by the load?

Farm Fence Repair Needed
Anyone know where I could get some help repairing/installing maybe 200 feet of farm fencing?

Horse Manure
Does anyone know where I can get loads of horse manure?

best corn to grow in boomer

Lawn mower repair
Any recommendations for lawn mower repair in Ashe Cty? I tried calling Ashe Outdoor Eqpmt. but it appears their phone is no longer in ser...

Sedum / chicks and hens
I am thinking of adding a rock garden to my yard and planting sedum and other succulents. How do you protect these plants over the winter...

Tobacco Fertilizer
Does anyone local sell tobacco fertilizer ( fertilizer should contain little or no chlorine and most of the nitrogen should be in the nit...


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