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tv land pull dukes of hazard off air


Posted 7:34 am, 07/03/2015

I like what one of the Duke actors said about. He said the guy was wearing a Gold's Gym shirt in the photo. Does that mean that Gold's Gym is racist and should be banned?

wanting to offend people

Posted 11:34 pm, 07/02/2015

Like the old country song said, YOU GOT TO STAND FOR SOMETHING OR YOU'LL FALL FOR ANYTHING. Christians are going to have to stand up for there beliefs. Everyone who likes confederate flag for the history are going to have to stand up. This stuff getting out of controlling


Posted 11:20 pm, 07/02/2015

Its amazing how something can be labeled racist and these corporations will then cancel or ban it. Are they so stupid that someone has to tell them when something is racist before they realize it? No they are just afraid they will be labeled racist and lose money if they don't jump on the PC wagon. They don't give a rats arse who is offended as long as the money keeps rolling in. America has lost its backbone and balls. AMERICA GROW A PAIR AND STOP WORRYING ABOUT WHAT A CERTAIN RACE OR TWINKLE TOED FAIRY'S THINK!!!!!!


Posted 11:17 pm, 07/02/2015

I was surprised that TV Land didn't at least bleep out "Cooter"


Posted 11:13 pm, 07/02/2015

Somebody didn't like the idea of a dumb sheriff from the south so they are history.


Posted 11:03 pm, 07/02/2015

They weren't meanin' no harm


wanting to offend people

Posted 10:56 pm, 07/02/2015

Now I'm mad, it's the dukes of hazard- taking them off is un-American. Thoughts?

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