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Bradd Pit


Posted 3:09 am, 05/12/2016

aFicIoNadoS (view profile)

She doesn't have cancer. But she is a cancer on society

What's making her lose all the weight then? They said in her last report that she was about I think 79 pounds and when I look at her pictures it just makes me feel so sorry for the girl.


Posted 9:35 pm, 05/11/2016

How so?

Don't tell me. She kill her wife, too?


Posted 9:35 pm, 05/11/2016

She doesn't have cancer. But she is a cancer on society


Posted 9:19 pm, 05/11/2016

Who told you she has cancer?


Posted 8:53 pm, 05/11/2016

I thought Rose and Fins went to the Beach,are they back ???


Posted 8:50 pm, 05/11/2016

Cause she does have cancer and I feel like he just speeding up the process of killing her faster.


Posted 6:26 pm, 05/11/2016

She's assuming because she's skinny and had a double mastectomy.


Posted 5:02 pm, 05/11/2016

Why do you think she has cancer?


Posted 4:33 pm, 05/11/2016

They are both cheaters.


Posted 4:31 pm, 05/11/2016

If she dies its not because of Brad ! ... her family has a history of dying from cancer .


Posted 4:23 pm, 05/11/2016

Screw Angelina. She's not a good actress, and she's nuts. When here and Billy Bob were together they wore little vials of each other's blood on necklaces. Then remember when she open mouth kissed her brother at the awards show? She has issues.

As for Brad Pitt, it's pretty well reported that the reason he left Jennifer Anniston is that her **** stinks.


Posted 4:13 pm, 05/11/2016

no shock to me he treated Jennifer Ainston badly once he saw Angelina. maybe ms jolie should have left him alone to begin with. would say it is just a pattern with him. btw neither brad or angelina's humanitarian efforts ring true to me. think it is all just for publicity. but sorry that you see one of your favorites getting hurt.


Posted 4:00 pm, 05/11/2016

Now I don't know anything about that, but that pretty ****y way of treating someone who is dying don't yha think?


Posted 3:56 pm, 05/11/2016

but who has the Karma train ready her or him. Seems he was married to another woman when they first met and just could not keep their hands (opps I meant minds ) off each other. What is it they say turn about is fair play. Oh in case you wonder, no I do not care for either of them.


Posted 3:40 pm, 05/11/2016

If my Angelina Jolie dies because of you,there will be one less fan who admires your work as you will never amount to what she has done for millions. How can you treat her in such a way when she is slowly dying with cancer? Honey, divorce his *** and take yourself a long and mean long paid trip vacation to some place that helps yous you prying eyes on media.I know this is a little harsh but I hope kids turn on your *** and to think I actually thought you was Hot, well you looks don't count when you ****y personality and way of whoring around like some clown.Can't even keep it secret that now he's humilating her and for those who are asking why I posted this, I just needed to vent my anger and I admire this women to the fullest like I did Robert Williams and few others. She gone down hill and he's only making it worse and not even caring on weather she emotionally suffering in both her body and mind.He might sound like it but your not even at her side anymore and it because of cancer?Oh yha, one day you'll reap for what you sew that maybe she'll give you a disease that make you thing fall off or keep girls out of your bedroom.

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