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American Horror Story


Posted 1:32 am, 10/22/2015

I would be interested in reading people's rating of the seasons of AHS; for me:

Best season: Coven
2. Season 1
3. Freak Show
4. Asylum

Still too early for me to judge this season but I feel it is better than Asylum so far

I think it is weird because I have friends who love this show as much as I do but their list is completely flipped from mine, lol. But that just means it is a good show, the fact that everyone can find a season they really enjoy while others hated the same season


Posted 10:48 pm, 10/20/2015

i thought Asylum or whatever season 2 was called was far and above everything else with season 1 a decent second place.... hated the coven....everybody died like 8 times and kept coming back.....freakshow was marginally better than coven which was terrible

PB @nd Jelly

Posted 7:46 pm, 10/20/2015

I love this show,although the last couple episodes have been very sexual in nature,still there is no denying the creator is nothing short of genious.By far coven was my favorite of all of them


Posted 11:21 am, 10/20/2015


Posted 10:43 am, 10/20/2015


That is shocking. I didn't watch Fargo last night but the game was better? Can't be serious, right! Besides the orioles aren't in the playoffs this year. Maybe the blue jays and the Royals last night?


Posted 10:39 am, 10/20/2015

thanks for the recommendation Hangsleft. I will add The fall to my account on Netflix.


Posted 10:35 am, 10/20/2015

TV shows like American Horror do nothing for me, watch The Fall on Netflix that will get you.


Posted 10:26 am, 10/20/2015

Now, there I was, wondering to myself if a TV show would be interesting and you post that gif? Is it Ozish? Trumpish? I just do not know.i will check it out for sure now, when I have time, which is sorta never except for those longs weekends where I just don't know what to do so I turn on the tv.


Posted 10:09 am, 10/20/2015


Posted 9:58 am, 10/20/2015

I will check it out now for sure. I did not think I would like the walking dead until it was 4'seasons gone, but I caught up on Netflix or Hulu. I forget which and hate to give credit to one or the other, but I sat for three days straight sunrise to sundown watching the walking dead.


Posted 9:51 am, 10/20/2015

I have never watched yet, but it is always recommended that I do on Hulu or Netflix, I forget. But on one of those streaming places they think I might like it. Should I? I just don't know....


Posted 9:30 am, 10/20/2015

I flipped back and forth between Fargo and the Orioles game last night. The game was better.


Posted 8:14 am, 10/20/2015

I watch it and it is a bit much. It seems everyone in the Motel is dead and that's why they can't leave. I wonder if in the end the detective and his entire family are really dead as well, or at least him, like that movie Bruce Willis was in where the little boy sees dead people. OOOOOH I love a good twisted scary show or movie here at Halloween season.


Posted 10:27 pm, 10/19/2015

I don't watch TV so don't know what you speak of. I unplugged it when I noticed how nasty it was getting and the news was mostly propaganda. Got tired of being lied to, Don't sound like I am missing much.


Posted 10:18 pm, 10/19/2015

The first season was the best. The second was pretty good, and it has sorta gone down hill for me since. It's still entertaining enough to watch, but it isn't great anymore.

Are you serious?

Posted 10:08 pm, 10/19/2015

I can't decide if I like it this season or not. They have had a few scenes that disturbed me and more that have been a little on the boring side. I feel like this season is more in line with the first season which I loved so I'm going to give it a few more episodes.


Posted 6:05 pm, 10/19/2015

i'm just ticked off cuz they change the name every season forcing me to reset my dvr which i always can't remember to do until i've missed the first episode....of which they haven't replayed yet so at least 2 episodes ran and i can't watch them because i haven't seen the first one yet

and i like jessica lange but she played the same character style all 4 seasons


Posted 3:20 pm, 10/19/2015

I understand. I don't typically watch anything scary/horror anyways because I realize it's fake, thus I find no entertainment value in it (to each their own), but that scene grabbed at me. I guess that's what they were going for. Even my daddy was kind of disturbed with it. He didn't understand why a show like that would be on FX.


Posted 2:26 pm, 10/19/2015


I have spoken with a few people about it and they agree that its a little much. However, it is for entertainment only and I don't consider myself a sicko for watching it. Its better to watch than act it out for real. I also watch Fargo and it too is a delight.


Posted 11:56 am, 10/19/2015

I've watched every season and this season just hasn't grabbed me yet. Seems like they have started adding stuff in just for shock value. Not all that familiar with Lady Gaga but think she is doing a good job, she is no Jessica Lange though

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