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Amazon Prime


Posted 2:30 pm, 07/14/2015

I have prime. I have had it for 4 years. I love the 2nd day free shipping. Free books and music also. There are NO commercials on Amazon.(You are thinking of Hulu). They have their HBO collection.(I am rewatching all of True Blood.)


Posted 1:41 pm, 07/14/2015

From what I hear the TV shows Prime offers have the commercials on them. That is a deal killer for me. I have never bought much from them either.


Posted 1:41 pm, 07/14/2015

I love Amazon prime. Saves me a lot of money. I even order a lot of my food items online at discount prices.


Posted 12:23 pm, 07/14/2015

I love Prime. I no longer like shopping....drives me nuts. I love the streaming video and I love the 2 day shipping and like everyone else said, finding things that you just can get locally.


Posted 11:20 am, 07/14/2015

Certainly well worth it IF you order from Amazon a lot. Tried it a few years ago, but decided that it was not worth it to me. My only advice would be that if you decide it is not worth it to you be sure and cancel prior to 30 day expiration or they will charge you the monthly fee.


Posted 11:12 am, 07/14/2015

Amazon Prime is the best. Like others here have already stated the savings in shipping if you shop often will pay for the membership in no time!!! I shop for things at least twice a month and the customer service is awesome! I have only returned one Item in 4 years.

And if you add Items that you are interested in to your wish list you can watch for price drops and then order.


Posted 10:48 am, 07/14/2015

Well worth it if you order from Amazon a lot, as we do. As I say, if Amazon doesn't have it, you really don't need it!


Posted 10:47 am, 07/14/2015

I think the only thing I will miss is the DVR. I do tape some shows that come on locals.


Posted 10:44 am, 07/14/2015

I too watch a lot of Netflix. I am thinking of only keeping local channels with cable tv. I might just try Amazon Prime then. Billing one time for the year is nice too. Thanks for the input.

Elmo Cleghorn

Posted 10:36 am, 07/14/2015

i am a prime member and i have heard of a few others here at GW that are also. i was actually thinking about the value of this service just last night.

when i factor in time and cost of fuel, i love the delivery right to my door. some items can be priced higher, so sometimes i shop with vendors outside of the prime offerings ... especially if it's something i am not in a hurry for. this service was awesome at christmas time.

i love old classic movies. i have an entire watchlist thru prime. when i consider the cost of rental ... i got all my membership fees back months ago. and the same goes for music and books

i have been a member for about 3 years now and needed to return something twice. the entire process couldn't have been easier. just contact amazon and they take it from there, from pick up of the item to crediting my account. both times were with no questions asked.

and when i need some obscure item, i always find it on amazon. i have yet to look for some ridiculously nameless item that i was unable to find. example, a lost cord to an electric fry pan all the way to quality knitting needles just not offered in local stores.

so yes, for me and my lifestyle amazon prime is worth the money


Posted 10:31 am, 07/14/2015

I have Amazon Prime and have already saved $99 just in shipping costs. It is basically the same price as Net***x but billed yearly instead of monthly. I also get to borrow books for free monthly on my kindle. Of course there are thousands of videos to choose from as well. I, too, rarely watch TV anymore and get way more value from Netflix and Amazon (with books too!)


Posted 10:20 am, 07/14/2015

I was thinking of subscribing to it, they are offering a 30 day free trail. I was wondering if anyone on here uses it and is it worth it? I do order from them often so the free 2 day shipping would be nice, but I am more interested in the books and movies and tv shows that you can stream. Is it worth the yearly price of $99? I am about to drop cable except local channels because I don't really watch them anymore. I have A Roku device so I can stream to my tv.

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